Larissa Maxwell

Larissa Maxwell is the Director for Anti-Human Trafficking Programs – The Salvation Army British Columbia Division, and has over 15 years working specifically with survivors of human trafficking and exploitation. She leads 5 national anti-human trafficking programs, including The Salvation Army Deborah’s Gate, a high security, wrap around rehabilitative program for survivors of labour and/or sex trafficking, which has been operating since 2009.  Starting in 2013, Larissa has founded and developed four additional, one of a kind nationally recognized programs for survivors in Canada, with plans of more to come. She also founded the Canadian Survivor Summit, Voices Raised, bringing together survivors from across Canada in 2018. She is a past instructor at the Canadian Police College Human Trafficking Investigator’s Course, a keynote speaker for agencies such as the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada; CBSA, and an international advocate who has contributed to action plans, human rights development, and legislation for the protection and restoration of survivors. Larissa is an accomplished professional artist and leads art therapy with survivors in each of the anti-human trafficking programs. Larissa was the first recipient of the Canadian Department of Justice Excellence in Victim Services Award in 2017, and is featured in the labour trafficking documentary “Hidden in Plain Sight: Labour Trafficking, Farm Workers, and Migrant Workers in Canada.”

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